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Stick to your goal, with the right technology

Soccer has evolved a lot, faster and lighter balls, always wet fields, shoes designed to be lethal, goalkeepers must evolve as well, in Elite Sport every day we create products ready for this battle.

Seize The Moment With
A Grip That Won’t Slip

Elite Sport uses only specially-formulated and patented latex to achieve unrivaled grip, comfort and flexibility, without sacrificing durability. All Elite goalkeeper gloves are match-ready, with our high-quality latex on the palm, backhand and wrist strap.

Our Palms

Nuevas Palmas Ingles.png

Find the right palm for you!

Hybrid CR.png
New Backhand material

We have developed a new material for the backhand of our gloves, it's called Hybrid CR and we are sure you will love it!
Maximum comfort and protection, just for you!

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