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Elite Comet

Elite Comet

Discover the Elite Comet, a mid-range goalkeeper glove designed to offer great grip, durability, and comfort. Engineered for goalkeepers who demand reliability and performance, the Elite Comet is perfect for both training and competitive matches.

Superior Grip and Comfort

Palm: The Elite Comet features 4 mm of Es Centenum+ latex for exceptional grip, complemented by 3 mm of backing foam. The moisture-absorbing fabric lining keeps your hands comfortable and prevents slipping, ensuring consistent control in every situation.

Palm Cut: The Semi Speed Cut offers a negative cut with a wrapped thumb and all-around latex wrap on the index and pinky fingers. This design provides a snug fit and enhanced ball contact for precise saves.

Durability and Flexibility

Backhand: The 3D-embossed, 4 mm durable rubber on foamed Neoprene offers superior durability and flexibility, allowing for powerful punches and quick reflexes without compromising on comfort.

Advanced Fit and Impact Reduction

Finger Support: While the Elite Comet offers no extra finger support, the tight-fitting Hybrid CR and latex wrap help reduce impact, giving you the confidence to make those crucial saves.

Wrist Closure: The Integral Overlap wristband with a rubber pull tab ensures a secure fit and easy adjustment, keeping your gloves firmly in place throughout the game.

All-Weather Performance

Conditions: Designed to perform in all weather conditions, the Elite Comet excels when the palm is kept damp. Whether it's rain or shine, these gloves deliver consistent performance and reliability.

Sizes: Available in sizes 6-11, the Elite Comet caters to goalkeepers of all ages and skill levels.

Why Choose the Elite Comet?

When you choose the Elite Comet, you’re investing in a glove that offers superior grip, exceptional durability, and all-weather performance. These gloves are engineered to provide the reliability and control you need to dominate the field, making them the perfect choice for goalkeepers seeking quality at a great value.

Order Your Elite Comet Goalkeeper Gloves Today!

Take your goalkeeping skills to the next level with the Elite Comet. Shop now and experience the difference that quality design and materials can make.

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